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New Lifecycle Service Center for Emerson Process Management regulating equipment helps reduce maintenance and repair costs. November 20, 2013 (Surgut, Russia) - The Grand Opening Ceremony of New Emerson Process Management Office and the Service Center for shut-off and control valves took place in Surgut. The new office with a total area of 235. Will ensure lifecycle care for Emerson regulating equipment in the region, which will help companies to extend trouble-free life and minimize downtime. Owing to proximity of the center, the local companies will be able to reduce spare part stock and the number of in-house maintenance engineers without compromising plant availability. The efforts of the center are focused on the largest oil companies with industrial facilities where ten thousands of Emerson devices are in operation. There are several thousands of Fisher valves in this region. The center is focused on high quality and prompt service ranging from basic to comprehensive service programs adapted to the company-specific requirements. To provide local prompt service, the center has a repair shop, a spare part stock, and a training area. Standard types of valves and positioners will be inspected, diagnosed and repaired in the equipped repair shop. To handle large and heavy valves, there is a small-size traveling crane capable of lifting up to 2 tons. The list of instruments in the new service center includes a special diagnostic system to test and diagnose valves - FlowScanner 6000, which enables full diagnostics of valves, including the ones with smart positioners. The range of spare part stock is optimized considering the valves installed for local company needs. The training areas will meet customers' growing needs in trainings for specialists to improve their performance and obtain the required skills and expertise. To ensure prompt response to requests, Emerson Service Center in Russia for the first time is equipped with a special service vehicle. This will also help provide certified repair and quick shipment of spare parts and equipment to replace the failed ones. Further expansion of service center capability is planned for the next year. The center will support instrumentation and control systems. Similar service organizations will be established, the existing Russian/Kazakh Service Centers will be additionally equipped and the number of engineers who work in Surgut will be increased twofold in 2014. Last year, Emerson launched a global service initiative setting out what it means to BE close TO customer. "The key indicators of this process are three-hour availability, consultative support and capability to deliver spare parts within 5 days Johan Vanderplaetse, VP Eastern Region, said. "Surgut Center meets all these demands, and, with opening the Service Center, we are opening a new page of our Siberian history.". This organization has been established under 2 Emerson strategic initiatives: deep business localization and development of global service organizations. The company believes that: it is getting easier to maximize benefits from investments in production if service is provided by experts who know production and its technology. Under this initiative, Emerson increases the number of local service centers and expands the global scope of services and support. Opening of new service centers will continue, and over the next two years there will be 400 service centers. The headcount of service engineers is growing each year. This year 215 additional specialists have been hired for a total of almost 2,700 in Emerson Process Management globally.

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