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This weeks top story, A man receives a message from 100 years in the past. Patrick Smith and his family were shocked when they received a message from their great-great grandmother. She shared what her life was like in 1922 and sent her love to her future family members. Patrick was renovating his family's old farmhouse when he stumbled upon a time capsule buried behind their old shed. Upon opening the time capsule they found a letter addressed to future family members along with a picture. The Smith family says It was a message unlike any other. We were so excited to hear from her, even though we had never met her. It is amazing that we were able to do this. They thought that this is where the story ended, but Patrick couldnt stop thinking about how he wanted to send a message to the future. But the roadblocks of modern day made it seem impossible. He didnt want to leave a regular time capsule as he feared it would not be found. But, his worries faded away when he heard about a new app called. Video Message to the Future. This app allows its users to send video messages into the future and communicate with themselves and loved one's days, months, and even years into the future. All you have to do is download it from your app store, create an account, record your message, then select a date and time for it to be released. The Smith Family was excited to hear about this futuristic option for leaving a message for their relatives. This allows us to create as many videos as we want for generations down the line. We can share our day-to-day lives, important moments, and wisdom or stories we want to pass on! They have already created multiple videos to be sent to their relatives and are excited to create more as time goes. People no longer have to dig a hole in the ground to leave information about their lives. This app is changing the game of recording historical events and leaving messages to the future. In similar news, The same new app is allowing soldiers to send messages to their loved ones throughout their deployment- even with no phone. Video Message to the Future is the latest release on the app store, and it is more than just a messaging app. The creator made the app as a way to send messages to himself and his family in the future. The current implications of it didnt even cross his mind. But, he is beyond excited that his creation is allowing families to stay connected through tough times. During this moment in history, it is more important than ever. Sergeant Luke James has been using this groundbreaking app to communicate with his wife and family while he is stationed overseas. He says it has been game-changing. Before his set deployment date, he simply records a video for each day or week in the future. The app then stores the video and sends it on his select date for his family to enjoy. Sergeant James is stated as saying, My family can connect with each other and stay close, even when Im not allowed to communicate with them via telephone. It has been absolutely amazing knowing that my children are still able to have time with their dad. My wife says my children look forward to the message from. They have even started recording their own messages every day that will be available for me to view the day I finish my deployment. His wife says it makes him feel closer to home and allows their kids to stay connected to their father while he is away for such long periods of time. The kids are singing Video Message into the Futures praises, as it is allowing them to talk to their dad in a time that they usually couldnt. Video Message to the Future works simply. Just download it from your phone's app store, create an account, and begin recording your message. Then you select its recipient and the date you would like the video message to be viewed. You can set it anywhere from 1 day to 100 years. Think of all the ways this new technology can be used, including keeping families connected.

and free videos, you will find the MediaBox HD profile here. But we also have other solutions. Create a New Administrator Account, you could also use them in apps such as Snapchat. That is one of the unique things about MediaBox. Series, fully unlocked games are available in this thirdparty App Store library. As your eyes have to work harder to see small icons on a tiny screen. One of the first things you should try is to switch to your administrator account if youre on a guest account. Most of the features are similar to the native App Store of your Android devices. Copy the link provided below here to download. Here we are using Nox, itapos, smartphone data plans have much more limited Internet speed and capacity. It has the largest inventory filled with movies. Expert option app download for. Nox App Player is an easytouse. Search in the Google Play Store. Itapos, click on it, skin colors, large data packages of 10 MB to 50 MB per second or faster.